Paul McCartney: "I am so happy with Beyonce’s version of ‘Blackbird’"

Paul McCartney: "I am so happy with Beyonce’s version of ‘Blackbird’"

Paul McCartney says he loves Beyoncé's rendition of his song, 'Blackbird'. 

Paul McCartney and Beyonce
Paul McCartney and Beyonce /Instagram

Beyoncé has released her latest album, 'Cowboy Carter', which features an old classic, 'Blackbird' - a song written by the legendary Paul McCartney. 

Taking to social media on Thursday, McCartney gave Beyonce's version of his song a thumbs up. 

"I am so happy with @beyonce’s version of my song ‘Blackbird," he wrote on Instagram and Facebook.

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He went on to explain what inspired him to write the song. 

"I think she does a magnificent version of it and it reinforces the civil rights message that inspired me to write the song in the first place," he wrote. 

The Beatles star encouraged everyone to listen to Beyoncé's version. 

"I think Beyoncé has done a fab version and would urge anyone who has not heard it yet to check it out. You are going to love it!" 

The 81-year-old shared details of his conversation with Beyonce regarding the song. 

"I spoke to her on FaceTime and she thanked me for writing it and letting her do it. I told her the pleasure was all mine and I thought she had done a killer version of the song."

McCartney added that he is glad that his music can be used to ease racial tension. 

"When I saw the footage on the television in the early 60s of the black girls being turned away from school, I found it shocking and I can’t believe that still in these days there are places where this kind of thing is happening right now. Anything my song and Beyoncé’s fabulous version can do to ease racial tension would be a great thing and makes me very proud." 

The Beatles released 'Blackbird' in 1968. 

According to NPR, 'the song pays homage to the Little Rock Nine — a group of Black students who were at the center of the fight to desegregate public schools in the United States'.

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