Pierre Nel releases acoustic version of 'Collide'

Pierre Nel releases acoustic version of 'Collide'

The acoustic version will especially resonate with people who have challenged the norm and who want to bring adventure into their relationships. 

Dokter Pierre Nel
Facebook / Pierre Nel

In this Electro Pop song released late last year (2020), Pierre Nel surprised fans with the deep meaning behind the lyrics of the song.

A new acoustic version of the song, 'COLLIDE', was released and the music video is a must-watch.

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The 27-year-old is a qualified doctor that released his first single, 'Al Waarvoor Ek Leef', in 2017.

Nel explained that 'COLLIDE' is a song that is very close to his heart and he is thankful for how listeners received the first version of the song. 

"I wanted to do something special this time and capture the raw emotion I heard the first time when I completed writing this song,” Nel says.

“Although the couple in my songs keeps challenging each other, they find intimacy in their challenges and arguments and craves the heated flames burning brightly for one another.” 

“The music video is a live performance by myself – I wanted to focus on the story of the song and tried to keep it honest and real,” Nel shares about the music video.


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