POSDUIF speaks to the heart with new music video

POSDUIF speaks to the heart with new music video

Lockdown and social distancing were not enough to stop the dynamic group, POSDUIF, from creating a unique heartfelt music video of their latest hit - HERINNER MY. They are very excited to share this project with fans and the rest of South Africa.


“This is not a normal music video. It shows life through the eyes of a child and will remind you that there is so much to be thankful for, as well as what is really important”.

HERINNER MY, produced by Brendan Campbell and mixed by Hugo Ludik of Muse Studios, was inspired by the death of lead singer - James Boland’s sister. It is a captivating and emotional song about being grateful for those who are still with you, remembering the people who are no longer here and cherishing the times you had with them.

“This is not a normal music video. It shows life through the eyes of a child and will remind you that there is so much to be thankful for, as well as what is really important,” the group shares. “Lockdown and social distancing has made it impossible for us to get together to shoot a music video, but our director and producer - Kyle White - and his wife have the most beautiful baby and he has was willing to provide us with precious video footage that he has collected of her life so far. Since the song is about gratitude, we thought that this concept would perfectly convey the message that we wanted to share. We are, however, included in the family photos at the end of the video, which shows that this song represents everyone’s story who listens to it.”

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This single was an instant hit and is already featuring on the charts of various radio stations across the country.

“Fans are able to relate to POSDUIF’s music. They create inspirational songs that are easy to listen to,” says Kyle, who has been working with the likes of Juan Boucher, Master KG, Casper Nyovest and moreover the past nine years.

“HERINNER MY is all about sharing good times with the people you care about, so we decided to use existing footage of my daughter, Harper’s life. I feel very privileged to be able to share my own memories with the public. Family is my first priority and the reason for my existence. I think this is something very special that Harper will be able to look back to and enjoy.”

Kyle has produced all of POSDUIF’s music videos so far and they love working with him. “Kyle is very talented and we are grateful that he was willing to make this footage available to us. He always works very hard on our music videos to achieve the best possible result.”

HERINNER MY is the group’s fourth single and follows the release of their hit, Laat Val Die Water, which was not only well-received but also featured on the charts of various radio stations. The music video can still be seen on several television channels.

Formed in 2018, POSDUIF made its debut earlier this year with the single Brandy Special, which has racked up more than 300 000 views on social media, followed closely by their second single, Een Vir My. The band has already been nominated as Band of the Year by Bok Radio.

The group consists of members of the popular band RUBBER DUC – Jordaan, Amiel Gopal (bassist), Kabyee Sax (saxophone player), Leeroy Sauls (drummer) and Brendan Campbell (producer and lead guitarist) – with the addition of Boland as lead vocalist.

Although the Covid-19 situation has been tough on the band, they have managed to complete a few new songs during lockdown and still plan on releasing their debut album later this year.

HERINNER MY is a heart-warming track, with an enjoyable tune and meaningful lyrics that will stay with listeners long after hearing it for the first time.

“I think each of us has a memory that gives you a nice warm feeling inside. This is also what viewers will experience in this video and that is why everyone will enjoy it. After all, special times with loved ones are what life is all about,” Kyle says. “POSDUIF still has a lot of music to share with the world. I am very excited for them and wish them all the best for the future.”

Watch the video below. 

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