Sade to release new music

Sade to release new music

Sade is ready to release new music after keeping her fans waiting for years. 

Sade/ Instagram

Great news for Sade fans. 

The Grammy award-winning artist has been cooking something great in the studio. 

According to NME,  Sade has been recording new music with her band at Miraval Studios in Correns, France. The studio is owned by Brad Pitt. The actor teamed up with French producer-engineer Damien Quintard to renovate the studio which has been sitting dormant for two decades.  

Sade is reportedly the first artist to record at the reopened Miraval. 

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Pitt's partner, Quintard told SPIN about how excited they are that Sade is the first one to work at the renovated studio. 

“Sade is very special for Miraval and the legacy of the studio. We were ecstatic when she arrived and for her to be the first artist to record again here,” Quintard told SPIN

In an interview with Billboard, Quintard spoke about Sade's love for his studio. 

“You could feel the love that she and the band had for this place,” said Quintard. 

He added: "It’s a dream come true to see this place activate again.”

The new music comes after a decade of not releasing an album and three years after the release of 'Flower of the Universe' and 'The Big Unknown'. 

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Image courtesy of Instagram. 

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