She's back! Paris Hilton releases new song with Steve Aoki

She's back! Paris Hilton releases new song with Steve Aoki

 Surprise, surprise, Paris Hilton's new song it's actually quite good...

Paris Hilton wearing a silver dress
Paris Hilton / YouTube (Steve Aoki, 'Lighter' music video)

The year was 2006. The song was a heavily autotuned track called, 'Stars Are Blind', by a blonde, pink-loving, dog-carrying socialite named Paris Hilton

Despite naysayers calling the offering absolute trash, the song went on to become a big hit, peaking at number 18 on the Billboard 100. 

Fast Forward to 2023, and Paris is back on the music scene with a banger. Yes, a banger! 

The 42-year-old has teamed up with American DJ and producer, Steve Aoki, on a new song called, 'Lighter'. The track was officially released on October 20. 

"Debuted this song at Tomorrowland and now it’s here! This one is for everyone needing to drop that unnecessary baggage, trust us you’ll feel Lighter," Paris wrote on Instagram.

Here's a preview of the song:


Now, Paris Hilton is no Mariah Carey, but if you are a regular on the House and EDM club scene, then this bop will not disappoint. 

Paris, who is now a wife and mother, has been a DJ since 2012. So, she knows a thing or two about heating up the dance floor. 

Speaking to NME about her new song, Paris says she immediately loved 'Lighter' when Steve played it for her. 

"I was so excited because our friendship spans over two decades and I am such a huge fan of his music. Every time I’d see him play at a festival or anywhere, I’d be like, ‘Bro, we have to do something together’. So when he called me with the song that Emily Warren (Dua Lipa, Charli XCX) wrote, I was blown away," she said. 

Paris says she is a huge fan of Emily. 

"She’s so brilliant. We went right into the studio and recorded it. It has been so much fun to create this piece of magic together."

Paris and Steve first performed 'Lighter' at the Tomorrowland Festival in July 2023. 

Watch the official music video for Paris Hilton's new song 'Lighter' below:

Main image credit:  YouTube/ Paris Hilton ('Lighter' official music video screenshot)

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