Sing-along to Jethro Tait’s latest hit with the release of his lyric video for ‘Will You Stay’

Sing-along to Jethro Tait’s latest hit with the release of his lyric video for ‘Will You Stay’

Jethro Tait’s first independent single release with ‘Will You Stay’ is already climbing the charts across several radio stations. Following the release of the music video for the single, Jethro Tait today shares the lyric video for ‘Will You Stay’, letting fans sing-along to what will easily become their favourite song from Jethro.

‘Jethro Tait – Will You Stay’

Jethro animated the lyric video himself and talks more about the creation of it, saying “I drew and animated this lyric video myself. I've always loved drawing and over my last couple of releases, I found a way to incorporate that into my music - by making my own lyric videos. I'm still very new to animation and I hope to get better at it and make more intricate videos one day, but for now, I'm having a lot of fun creating these simple animation loops. I loosely based the animation on the single artwork, this time reflecting on the starry night sky.”

Watch the music video for Jethro Tait’s brand-new single ‘Will You Stay’

Jethro delves into the theme of the single, saying “’Will You Stay’ is about trying to find the courage to ask for support when you need it and asking those around you to stick with you even after you’ve opened up about your darkest moments. In all honesty, I feel super ashamed of myself for feeling the way I do and I don’t always know how to talk about it. In the scheme of things my life is pretty great. I have people around me who I love and who love me. I live a blessed and privileged life. When you have all of these things, how do you explain to someone that you still feel lonely and out of place in the world? It seems like a trivial thing to bring up when you compare it to the immense struggles some people out there are facing. Especially with everything going on in the world.”

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