Snotkop's adding the 'Woestersous' to your diet!

Snotkop's adding the 'Woestersous' to your diet!

There's a new mini-me Snotkop in town and he's rocking it!

image snotkop music video woestersous

If there is one thing we know, it's that South African superstar Snotkop knows how to bring the hits! 

With a number of albums, a string of hits and a large fan base of screaming girls, Snotkop is a force to be reckoned with. If he isn't making headlines for his controversial music videos such as 'Hoe Lykit',  he's performing to sold out concerts around South Africa. 

His latest track 'Woestersous' is definitely on it's way to becoming a radio chart-topper! 

In the adorable video, Snotkop seems to have found his mini-me lookalike. Dressed in a vest, bling around his neck and that signature Snotkop cap style, one can see the young boy jamming and singing along to the song.

As the song states, it seems like Worcestershire sauce is the key ingredient needed for pretty much anything - even a milkshake!

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