Spoegwolf celebrates seven-million streams on Spotify

Spoegwolf celebrates seven-million streams on Spotify

Afrikaans music group Spoegwolf is celebrating the success of their music career in 2021, receiving over seven-million views on popular streaming platform, Spotify. 

Spoegwolf / Instagram

COVID-19 brought a lot of challenges for the entertainment industry, especially because a lot of shows had to be cancelled. 

But one positive thing that has come out of it is that with more people staying indoors, there has been a lot of consumption of music happening online. 

Spoegwolf is one of the groups that has enjoyed a lot of streaming on music platforms. 

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The Afrikaans music group is celebrating millions of streams on Spotify. 

It took to Instagram to announce that it had seven-million streams on the music streaming platform. 

The 'Silwer' hitmakers thanked their supporter for carrying them through a difficult year. It also expressed its excitement for next year. 

It also revealed that their music was streamed in 140 countries. 

"2021 was 'n crazy jaar, maar julle het ons deurgedra. Hierdie is amazing - dankie dat julle ons help om hierdie seisoen af te skop met 'n groot geraas. 2022 doesn't stand a chance. Ons kom vir jou.'' 

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