Students impress Elton John with ‘I’m still standing’ cover

Students impress Elton John with ‘I’m still standing’ cover

The star says he could not stop listening to their rendition of his famous song, ‘I’m still standing’, adding that it cheered him up. 

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A group of students from Telford Priory School in Shropshire, England, teamed up to record Elton John’s ‘I’m Still Standing’ classic. 

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Their musical director and teacher Ben Millington says they recorded the video to "cheer his students after the coronavirus hit". 

Their video was so well-received that it reached Elton John's friend, Ron Sexsmith, who then sent it to the hitmaker.  

" I had an email from a dear friend called Ron Sexsmith who is a great singer, songwriter from Canada. He sent me an email and said 'you got to look at this clip of these guys singing 'I'm Still Standing'. Well, I looked at the clip and I was completely blown away," Elton said in a video.  

Elton was so impressed that he kept repeating the song. 

" I watched it three times in a row because I couldn’t believe how good you sang and played it,” the star told Millington in a video

" I just wanted to send you all my love and say you know what you really cheered me up. 

“You did something brilliant and made a brilliant version of 'I’m Still Standing',” he added, before wishing them all the best in their music career. 

The teacher and learners were blown away by Elton's response. 

They also got a nice surprise. Elton promised to have them at one of his shows. 

Watch their full music video below and Elton's response. 

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