SZA talks about the time she felt Drake wanted to sabotage her

SZA talks about the time she felt Drake wanted to sabotage her

Grammy-winning musician SZA says there was a time she thought Drake was sabotaging her when they worked on the song, 'Slime You Out'. 

SZA holding phone
SZA holding phone /Instagram

SZA and Drake's collaboration, 'Slime You Out', is a global hit, but what many people don't know is that the singer wasn't too confident about her vocals on the song.  

While collaborating with Drake on their award-winning song, the musician says she was surprised that Drake took her first draft of her vocals.  

“If you accept my first draft, I won’t trust you,” she told WSJ.magazine

“I just handed in the first draft to Drake, and he’s putting it on his album."

She says she wondered why Drake wouldn't take her second draft and this made her feel like he was trying to sabotage her. 

"I’m scared because I handed in second vocals, and he didn’t use that. And now I’m like, ‘Are you trying to sabotage me?’"

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But she adds that she knew Drake wouldn't try to sabotage her. 

"I know that’s not true. I literally know that’s not true, but that’s how bad I feel about my first draft."

SZA said she struggles to enjoy things when they are done in an effortless space.  

"When things come from an effortless space, I almost can’t enjoy it,” she added.

'Slime You Out' was the first collaboration between Drake and SZA.

It was released on September 15. 

The single was the first from Drake's album, 'For All the Dogs'.

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