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Thousands of children singing Toto's 'Africa' will give you the chills!

A South African expat’s video of thousands of children in the UK singing along to Toto’s 'Africa' is going viral for all the right reasons. 

image kids singing to toto

Kae Skinner Sera, who lives in the UK, uploaded the video to her Facebook page after attending the Young Voices performance at the O2 in London earlier this week. 

The video was uploaded and dedicated to all of her friends in Cape Town where water restrictions have taken an all-time high. 

"Cape Town friends - tonight my grandson Riley was one of 7800 children singing Africa at the o2 in London. Rain will be coming your way if these kids have anything to do with it. My eyes are watering already," she wrote on Facebook. 

The incredibly moving video has already been shared by more than 2,000 Facebook users, and over 400 comments have already been posted, too. 

Watch the performance below:

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