Tickets for Makhadzi's United Kingdom show are sold out

Tickets for Makhadzi's United Kingdom show are sold out

Makhadzi continues to fly the South African flag across the globe! 

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Makhadzi is taking over!

The South African singer has been making a name for herself all over the world. 

In addition to performing in African countries, she recently started performing internationally.

Her recent show in Canada drew hundreds of supporters. Makhadzi shared her excitement of singing some of her hits alongside her Canadian fans on her social media pages. 

The 'Ghanama' hitmaker was also invited to the South African embassy in Canada for a farewell after her successful shows. 

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She expressed how delighted she was to have performed in the country and promised to be back. 

"The high commissioner of South Africa 🇿🇦 embassy AND THE AMBASSADOR IN CANADA 🇨🇦 invited me to say good bye before I catch my flight to UK . Canada was amazing and I cant wait to come back," she wrote on IG. 

She also took the opportunity to talk about her next international show which will be taking place over the weekend in the United Kingdom.

"UK IAM READY FOR YOU THIS COMING SATURDAY . 30 July 2022," she wrote on IG. 

It seems her UK fans are as excited as she is about the show. Makhadzi revealed that the tickets for the show are sold out. 

"I am sorry tickets for UK are sold out," she added. 

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Below are videos some of her performances abroad. 

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