Top 10 world's highest-paid musicians of 2018

Top 10 world's highest-paid musicians of 2018

Forbes has released their list of the highest-paid musicians of the year and we must say, it is very impressive. 

Beyonce and Jay-Z Two
Beyonce and Jay-Z Two/Mandela 100 Global Citizen Festival

Some of these top earners came as a surprise for some of us. 

If you expected award-winning musicians like Ed SheeranBruno Mars or Katy Perry to hit number one, then you're in for a surprise. 

Have a look at the list below. 

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10. Diddy with ($64 million)


9. Roger Waters ($68 million)

Roger Waters
Instagram/Roger Waters

8. Guns N' Roses ($71 million) 


7. Jay-Z ($76.5 million)


6. Taylor Swift ($80 million)

taylor swift instagram pic 2018
Taylor Swift live on stage / Instagram

5. Katy Perry ($ 83 million)

Katy perry on instagram
Instagram /

4. Bruno Mars ($ 100 million)

Bruno Mars collaborations

3. Ed Sheeran ($110 million)

ed sheeran

2. Coldplay ($115.5 million)


1. U2 ($118 million)

U2 performing in Berlin 2018
U2 performing in Berlin, Germany Image: YouTube/Screenshot

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