Tori Kelly talks about her new wave of confidence in new EP

Tori Kelly talks about her new wave of confidence in new EP

Tori Kelly says her new EP came at a time when she had gained a new wave of confidence following her previous album which was "a lot more sad". 

Tori Kelly
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Tori Kelly released her self-titled fourth EP in July. 

The EP has seven songs and features the hit single, 'Cut'. It also features Ayra Starr and Jon Bellion. 

Tori explained in an interview with Billboard that the EP was recorded at a time when she was in a happy place. 

“My last full length album was even before 2020. That album was a lot more sad, and I had gone through a lot of things personally, with family and all these different things," she said in the interview. 

However, the 30-year-old singer says she has now healed and gained more confidence. 

"So growing from that, having a lot of healing, being in love and just wanting to express that feeling — this new wave of confidence come over me and all of that, I just put into the music and hopefully you can hear that," she added. 

The singer teased a new project. 

"I think I’m in just this new place in my life where I’m willing to have a little more fun and experiment with sounds and style. What I’ll say is there’s definitely more where this EP came from.” 

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Tori also spoke about her health recovery. 

The Grammy-winning singer collapsed while she was out with friends in July. It was then discovered that she had blood clots in her lungs and legs. 

The 'Missin U' hitmaker says the illness caught her off guard. 

“It totally caught me off guard,” she told the publication.

She adds that it scared her, but she was grateful for her support system. 

“It was a scary few days but, but I’m so happy that I had like a really good support system around me. I was mind blown by this all the love and support.”

One of the friends who supported her was Beyoncé. 

She says Beyoncé sent her flowers and a recovery card. 

“I got a lot of flowers but when Beyoncé’s flowers showed up, it’s like, oh yeah, those are obviously Beyoncé’s. They were massive,” Tori said. 

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