Troye Sivan praises "inspiring" Janet Jackson

Troye Sivan praises "inspiring" Janet Jackson

The South African-born Australian singer is making a music comeback in 2023 and he is dreaming up some big music collaborations.

Troye Sivan
Troye Sivan/ Instagram (@troyesivan)

Troye Sivan says he would love to collaborate with Janet Jackson on a remix of his new song 'Rush'. 

The track is the lead single from his upcoming album, 'Something To Give Each Other', which is set for release in October.

During a recent interview with Travis Mills on Apple Music, Troye said Janet is "sort of the ultimate" for him. 

"She’s so inspiring to me, like endlessly inspiring to me. I went and saw her concert at the Hollywood Bowl - this was a couple of years ago now - and I really, really think that set me on my path forward for this album in general," he said. 

The 'Lucky Strike' singer added that there's a lot of nostalgia with pop stars of that era. 

"That's the era where I fell in love with pop music, and Janet to me, I think the reason why she is so inspiring is because the music is just untouchable. She is so, so good. She is constantly pushing boundaries and trying things... She's just the coolest to me," he said. 

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Troye has collaborated with several other artists in the past, including Ariana Grande, Charli XCX, and Taylor Swift.

But only time will tell if he bags his dream collaboration with Janet Jackson. 

Troye also talked about his controversial music video for 'Rush'. Travis said the video gave him Britney Spears 'I'm A Slave 4 U' vibes mixed with a Calvin Klein fashion ad. 

"It's so beautifully shot," the host said. 

But many from the gay community were not impressed that the music video only featured skinny men. 

"Listen… it’s a bop. Likely going to be iconic for gay music. But… Not a single representation of body positivity in this video. This lives up to the standard of gay hate everyone faces daily… kinda disappointing. I’m chubby but I’m sexy and have fun too ya know?" one fan wrote on Instagram. 

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Rolling Stone writer Tomas Mier described the video as a "twink, orgy fantasy"! 

"I adore Troye Sivan, but this 'Rush' video is making me feel some type of way. It seems like a case study on how white gays choose to view queer people as a whole. There’s not a single fat person in the entire video. Just white twinks and chiseled bodies," he tweeted.

Troye told Rolling Stone magazine that he didn't mean to leave anyone out in the video.  

"I definitely hear the critique. To be honest, it just wasn’t a thought we had — we obviously weren’t saying, ‘We want to have one specific type of person in the video.’ We just made the video, and there wasn’t a ton of thought put behind that.”

Watch 'Rush' here and judge for yourself.  

Controversy aside, Troye is looking forward to his fans listening to his new album. 

"This album is my something to give you - a kiss on a dancefloor, a date turned into a weekend, a crush, a winter, a summer. Party after party, after party after party. Heartbreak, freedom. Community, sisterhood, friendship. All that," he wrote on Instagram.

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Main image credit: Instagram/@troyesivan

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