Tyla on US TV debut: "Living this dream that I’ve always wanted to live"

Tyla on US TV debut: "Living this dream that I’ve always wanted to live"

Tyla tells Billboard that she is living her dream!

Tyla Instagram Photo
Tyla Instagram Photo

Tyla's dream of becoming an international star has become a reality! 

The 21-year-old spoke to Billboard about her US TV debut. The singer recently appeared on 'The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon' and performed her viral hit song, 'Water'. 

Speaking about the television appearance, the singer said it was a dream come true. 

“It’s crazy just being a normal girl in South Africa, and then living this dream that I’ve always wanted to live,” she told Billboard

Tyla says she used to envy international stars such as Adele and dreamt of performing abroad. 

“I used to be so jealous watching all of the American celebrities on TV, like the Kardashians, Adele, Rihanna, Michael Jackson, Britney Spears, Nicki Minaj. I was like, ‘One day, I’m gonna be there'," she told the publication. 

She says at one point she used to believe only Americans could be famous. 

"I actually used to want to be born in America only because I thought only Americans could be famous. I did not know it could happen for us because it didn’t really happen very often for people in Africa and especially South Africa.”

READ: Rising SA star Tyla makes Billboard Hot 100 debut

In October, the rising South African star made her Billboard Hot 100 debut. 

"Tyla scores her first appearance on the Billboard Hot 100 chart (dated Oct. 14), as 'Water,' the breakthrough single for the South African singer-songwriter, debuts at No. 67," Billboard wrote on Tuesday.

"TikTok has been a major contributor in the song’s growing profile," the magazine reported.

One of the star's TikTok videos hit over 70-million views. 

According to Times, 'as of Oct. 6, the hashtags #TylaWater and #TylaWaterChallenge have a combined 448.6 million views'. 


Debut TV performance of Water🤍🐅

♬ original sound - Tyla

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