University starts offering Psychology of Taylor Swift course

University starts offering Psychology of Taylor Swift course

Taylor Swift's life has inspired a new course at the Arizona State University in the USA.

Taylor Swift standing in the sun
Taylor Swift standing in the sun/ iStock

Taylor Swift continues to change the world through her music.

As her life continues to inspire people all over the world, several universities see her as a subject worth studying.

The Arizona State University in the US has announced that it will be offering 'Psychology of Taylor Swift- Advanced Topics of Social Psychology' as a course to its students. 

“The course is basically using Taylor Swift as a semester-long example of different phenomena — gossip, relationships, revenge,” PhD student Alexandra Wormley told ASU’s news site.

She added that “the class is not a seminar on how much we like or dislike her — we want to be able to learn about psychology”.

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Last year, Stanford University also offered a course based on Taylor Swift's 'All Too Well (10 Minute Version)' song. 

The University of Texas in Austin have a 'Taylor Swift Songbook' course. 

According to the website, the course "uses the songwriting of pop music icon Taylor Swift to introduce literary critical reading and research methods — basic skills for work in English literature and other humanities disciplines”.

It will also focus on "Swift’s music and the cultural contexts in which it and her career are situated".

The course will "consider frameworks for understanding her work, such as poetic form, style, and history among various matters and theoretical issues important to contextualisation as we practice close and in-depth reading, evaluating secondary sources, and building strong arguments”.

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