Watch Armand Joubert and Nic Billington's music video for 'Wish You Well'

Watch Armand Joubert and Nic Billington's music video for 'Wish You Well'

This unexpected collaboration has audiences thinking twice about toxic relationships - watch the music video below.

Armand Joubert & Nic Billingto / Supplied.

Two of South Africa’s pop artists, Armand Joubert and Nic Billington, have collaborated on a brand new catchy single, Wish You Well - and the music video will leave you questioning toxic relationships. 

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“The message behind this song is about getting rid of all the negative elements that are synonymous with a toxic, broken relationship,” Billington explained.

According to Joubert, Wish You Well has a very personal message for him. Both of these successful and talented artists are very excited about their very much unexpected collaboration.

“I am ready for transformation and transitioning into the next chapter of my life. Without toxic people. I wouldn’t have wanted anyone else but the incredibly talented Nic to do this project with me,” Armand added.

The music video was filmed at a warehouse and highlights the contrast between a happy relationship and one that has resulted in a toxic situation. With Wish You Well they hope to send the message that no one needs to stay in a toxic relationship and that everyone needs to stand up for themselves and make a change in their lives.


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