WATCH: Dozi releases music video for 'Ek Wil Vir Jou Sê'

WATCH: Dozi releases music video for 'Ek Wil Vir Jou Sê'

Watch the music video below!

Dozi / Supplied.

Popular local artist Dozi released his first single, Partykeer Somtyds, from his nineteenth album, Vrede in May this year. The album followed the single release and hit music shelves nationwide during June 2020.

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This first single was extremely well received by South Africans, to such an extent that Dozi decided to release the second single, 'Ek wil vir jou sê' with a special music video. 

“The song was written during lockdown by Stef Kruger. It is about a person that is on tour or away from home and then returns to his/her loved one. Due to their absence, there is a lot of pressure on their relationship. The song is extremely special to me, as it originated in a time where I experienced the same emotions and circumstances,” says Dozi.

The music video of this single was shot on Dozi’s farm, watch the video here: 

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