Watch: Lungi Naidoo's music video for 'Duro'

Watch: Lungi Naidoo's music video for 'Duro'

The much-anticipated 'Duro' music video is finally out! Watch it here. 

Lungi Naidoo
Lungi Naidoo/ YouTube video

Lungi Naidoo is back with a new music video. 

The star released her 'Duro' music video on Friday, 10 December. 

The song speaks about 'love in its purest form'. 

The singer explained that the song was inspired by the miscarriage she recently suffered. 

“I wrote this song for my baby Lusakhanya. I was pregnant when we wrote the song," she said.

The 'Feel Good' hitmaker says she was able to draw strength from God and that is why she chose to film the music video in a church. 

"The Duro music video speaks to my relationship with God and the one place I know I can go to when I am low and feel defeated. That is why we filmed the video in a church and at the ocean. The church represents healing and the ocean represents cleansing," she said. 

The star says she has always wanted to have a music video shot in a church. 

“I’ve always wanted to shoot a music video in a church and Duro has given me that opportunity. In my culture the ocean symbolises power, strength, renewal and a connection with ancestors.  I needed the video to be a reflection of my life," she said.

"Shooting the video was very emotional as I couldn't sing the ‘Lusakhanya’ lyric given I was grieving the loss of our baby. I was sharing a piece of me that mattered the most. I hope and pray that this music video and song will help other mothers going through what I have experienced,” she added.

Watch the music video below: 

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