WATCH: Mariah Carey collaborates with daughter on Christmas duet

WATCH: Mariah Carey collaborates with daughter on Christmas duet

Mariah Carey has shared her excitement about collaborating with her daughter, Monroe, for their first ever Christmas duet. Watch it here. 

Mariah Carey and daughter
Mariah Carey and daughter

Once again, Mariah Carey has a beautiful holiday song for her fans!  This time around, she is featuring her talented daughter, Monroe. 

The singer took to Instagram to share footage of the magical moment when she collaborated with Monroe on the Christmas song, 'Away in a manger'. They performed the song at a show in Toronto. 

Mariah and Monroe looked beautiful in matching white dresses and crowns.  "We have put this together really quickly," said Mariah. 

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Even though she is a global icon, Mariah says she has never forced her children to follow the same career path she took. 

"I never wanted to force them into doing anything, music related," said Mariah. 

But it seems Monroe wants to follow in her mother's footsteps. 

The 11-year-old performed well with her mother and seemed completely at ease as she sang the notes.

Mariah described the song as a "beautiful, beautiful hymn". 

Watch the mother-daughter duo perform below. 

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