WATCH: A movie about Céline Dion uses her songs but changes her name to 'Aline Dieu'

WATCH: A movie about Céline Dion uses her songs but changes her name to 'Aline Dieu'

The movie, 'Aline', is based on a teenage singer falling in love with her manager. She later becomes one of the biggest stars in the world. 

Unofficial Biopic of Céline Dion
YouTube/ Aline

The movie, 'Aline', follows the rise to fame of young powerhouse singer Aline Dieu (played by writer and director Valérie Lemercier) and her journey with manager Guy-Claude Kamar (Sylvain Marcel). 

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As they begin to work closely together, their relationship develops into more than just that of a manager and singer.

The fictional film as well as an "unofficial biography" parallels the life of Céline Dion

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The film also uses numerous songs from Dion's catalogue. One of her hit singles, 'I'm Alive', is featured heavily in the trailer, reinforcing the "inspired by the life of Céline Dion" that quickly flashes across the screen in the trailer.

According to reports, Céline Dion was not part of the production of the movie.

Watch the trailer below: 

Céline Dion and Angélil were married when she was 26. They remained together throughout his cancer diagnosis in 1999, the birth of children René-Charles in 2001, and Eddy and Nelson in 2010, and the return of his cancer in 2013. When he died in 2016, Céline memorialised him as the great love of her life.

'Aline' debuts in France on November 10, 2021.

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Image Credit: YouTube/ Aline

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