Watch: Post Malone covers Pearl Jam’s 'Better Man'

Watch: Post Malone covers Pearl Jam’s 'Better Man'

The singer was a guest on 'The Howard Stern Show' where he not only performed the song, but spoke about how it reminds him of his brother who is a Marine.

Post Malone
Post Malone /YouTube screenshot

Post Malone is a huge fan of Pearl Jam’s song, 'Better Man'. 

The singer told Howard Stern that the song always makes him cry because it reminds him of his brother.

"My brother Jordan, he was a Marine, and he was stationed in Hawaii  and we went out to go and see him," he told Howard. 

The musician says at the time, he was around the age of 12 or 13.

"He played this song and we were driving around. This was an island you could drive around in a couple of hours and he played it. 

"I guess I've just been thinking about that a lot lately," he said. 

Watch him perform below. 

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Post Malone also revealed that he is a new father. 

“[I woke up] at 2:30 in the afternoon. I went and I kissed my baby girl and then I went and I played some [music]." 

He says he has kept the news of his daughter out of the public eye because he wants her life to remain private.  

“I want to let her make her own decisions,” he said. 

Congratulations to the star and his fiancée. Post Malone has not shared his fiancée's identity. 

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