WATCH: Waldo Greeff releases music video for 'Bed of Thorns'

WATCH: Waldo Greeff releases music video for 'Bed of Thorns'

The new single by Waldo Greeff, Bed of Thorns, deals with the heartbreak of a relationship that didn’t work - but totally unexpected to one party. Watch the music vieo below!

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This single was produced in Los Angeles by Trey Vittetoe who has also produced music for Selena Gomez and Miley Cyrus. 

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This is Waldo’s first single in two years as he is also currently working in Qatar as a music teacher. “This single deals with a relationship that ended abruptly for the narrator after he thought it was going well but then it ended unexpectedly,” Waldo said.

Waldo is currently in South Africa as he was visiting when Qatar went on lockdown due to COVID-19. With South Africa also in lockdown until Thursday, 16 April, Waldo decided to work on the song and release it from here. 

“I chose to release this song as a single because it has a very commercial pop vibe that a lot of people should be able to relate to,” Waldo said.

“Love and heartbreak is a universal theme and we all understand this language,” he added. 


Waldo is well-known in the South African music industry and wrote music for some of the countries’ top recording artists such as Steve Hofmeyr, Kurt Darren, Andriëtte, Izak Davel, Mwah!, Lee Scott and the Grammy-winning Soweto Gospel Choir.

“I am in the process of aligning all my projects with my life commitments so that I can move to Nashville permanently and establish myself as a songwriter in the US,” Waldo said.

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