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You won't believe what Kevin Leo's go-to party trick is!

Kevin Leo has enthralled crowds with his wonderful Opera and light classical stylings for over two decades. On The Scenic Drive with Rian, he revealed that his talents extend to brilliant party tricks as well. 

kevin leo
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Kevin Leo has been an entertainer and MC for many years, and is in high demand due to his honest and natural stage persona.
Having made his mark in the Opera world through such competitions as the ATKV's Crescendo and the Milan-based 'Valsesia Musica' (where he was named 'Little Pavarotti'), Kevin also wowed audiences with a performance in the movie Liefling, and a well-received stint as the 'Singing Chef'.

To celebrate 21 years in the entertainment industry, Kevin released a gospel album called XXI. When asked why he chose this departure from Opera, Kevin said he enjoys being original and didn't want to go the usual route of releasing a 'greatest hits' album.

In a revealing moment, Kevin talked about one of his best party tricks:

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