Elvis Blue releases new album

Elvis Blue releases new album

We chat to Idols Season 6 winner, Elvis Blue. The pop star has a new album out, entitled Afrikaans and it promises to be a big hit with the SA public. Let's see what hopes he has for it.

Elvis Blue Afrikaans album Cover.jpg

1) Which international band or artist should open for you?

No idea


2) How important is it to floss?

Few things worse than bad breath...flossing is the right thing to do.


3) The thing about SA fans you love the most?

Their warm hospitality. Biltong backstage also makes any show good.


4) Your favourite song of yours?

I like them all.


5) Weirdest memory of school ever?

In grade 1, I was one of those youngsters who freaked out a little bit, so I would run home after my mom dropped me off. That whole thing was a bit weird. I missed so many days of my first year at school that I had to do grade one twice.


6) Any advice for Miley Cyrus?

No, not really.


7) Which song do you wish you had written?

Where the streets have no name - U2


8) Any rituals before going on stage?

Not really no. Try to just relax and enjoy the moment. 


9) If you were a superhero, what would your name and superpower be?

Elvis the pelvis.....with the ability to captivate and hipnotise onlookers with magnificent pelvic dance moves.



10) Any guilty pleasures?

I love all things sweet.


11)  Who should play you in the story of your life?

I think if Steve Carelll was involved it would be awesome.


12) Most famous person on your phone list?

AB de Villiers is probably the best known South African on my phone.


13) If a train leaves the station at 2pm, carrying 17 people, and stops once to pick up 4 more people, why?

If a man speaks in a forest, and there are no women to here him... is he still wrong?


14) If you could do a duet or colab with any artist, who would it be?

Bruce Springsteen 


15) If you have 10 words to sell your latest album, how would you do it?

Its always better when others describe your music. Have a listen and let me know what you think. 


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