Our Top 5 Ed Sheeran Moments

Our Top 5 Ed Sheeran Moments

Just in time for his birthday, we recount some of our top moments from the ultimate nice guy.

Ed Sheeran
There’s no denying that Ed Sheeran is our favourite ginger. Really, he’s probably one of our favourite celebs. His music is lovely, his song lyrics are lovely…he’s definitely lovely.

That time when he joined a fan singing Thinking Out Loud in a mall talent show. He hears her singing as he’s in the mall, and we are 100% sure it’s totally unplanned and impromptu.

He granted a dying fan’s wish by singing to her shortly before she passed away. Although heartbreaking, this bittersweet moment is a must see.

When he pushed pause on his own concert to make way for two of his fans to get engaged..even though he welled up a little.

AND when he travelled for hours to help his friend get engaged to the love of his life

When he nailed Halloween:

ed shereen dressed as Austin Powers

and finally, THAT tweet that somehow resurfaced for South Africans nearly 6 years later.

Ed Shereen SA tweet

Ed Sheeran Wembley album


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