Poll: Is Ellinor Helborg Adele's doppelganger?

Poll: Is Ellinor Helborg Adele's doppelganger?

This 22-year-old Swedish girl looks so much like Adele that you'd swear she is her twin sister. Do you agree, cast your vote.

Ellinor Helborg

No one can compare to Adele, no one can match her skill, no one can even match her look. Well, except for this 22-year-old Swedish girl who has blown up the internet.

After many mistook her for the "Hello" singer, Ellinor Helborg decided to take the up the challenge. She got her make-up on and posed in a similar way to Adele's 25 album cover. She posted the photo on Instagram.

We have to say, of all the people who have claimed to look like Adele, Ellinor Helborg really takes the cake, and if you don't believe us, see for yourself:

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