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Toya Delazy drops her latest single "Memoriam"

Check out Toya Delazy's video for "Memoriam" and tell us if you think it's the bomb!


Toya Delazy’s new music video for her single Memoriam has just been released.


Memoriam is the sixth single off Toya’s debut album, Due Drop Deluxe.


The song is a ballad that was written initially in honour of a teacher who passed away in 2009 and is reminiscent of Toya’s mother Princess Lethuxolo.  


“Memoriam is about any kind of loss, not just death,” says Toya.


“It could be the loss of a relationship or even oneself. I sing about accepting things that are hard to bear. It’s like melodic medicine for the soul.”

Filmed in Gauteng and directed by Fausto Becatti, the video follows two story lines and explores themes of grief and loss as well as the acceptance and healing that comes with time.


Check it out and drop a comment below: 


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