AKA's father appreciates Nadia Nakai in sweet post

AKA's father appreciates Nadia Nakai in sweet post

"I knew you were right for my boy."

AKA Nadia and Tony Forbes
AKA, Nadia, and Tony Forbes /Instagram

Tony Forbes has taken to Instagram to praise his late son's girlfriend, Nadia Nakai. 

The father of the late rapper posted a photo of AKA, Nadia, and himself at what seems like a restaurant. 

In the post, he said from the first time he met Nadia, he knew she was the right woman for his son. 

"@Nadianakai Nadia, from the first day that I met you I knew you were right for my boy," he wrote. 

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He thanked the Zimbabwean-South African rapper for loving AKA. 

"See that smile in his dial! Thank you loving him," he wrote. 

The father went on to assure Nadia that she is also loved by the Forbes family. 

"He loved you truly. We love you," he wrote. 

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Lynn Forbes also took to Instagram to thank Nadia for loving his son. 

"@Nadianakai I am forever indebted to you for the way you love and respect my son to this day," she wrote on Instagram. 

She added that Nadia brought out the best in AKA. 

"You showed him what real love and respect is and you brought out the absolute best in him."

"Kiernan was born with love, raised in love, gave love to so many and all he wanted in return was to be loved and respected in the same way. You gave that to him and he died surrounded by love," she wrote. 

See the post below:

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