AKA's mom remembers him four months after his passing

AKA's mom remembers him four months after his passing

"It’s been four months since I heard you call me mom." 

Lynn Forbes reflects on life after AKA’s murder
Lynn Forbes

AKA's mom, Lynn Forbes, has taken to Instagram to talk openly about the pain of wishing her son was still alive. 

The mother of two says people try to comfort her by telling her she can listen to AKA's music or watch his videos on YouTube. Unfortunately for her, this is bad advice to give to a grieving mother. 

Lynn says having the music is not enough, she wishes she could spend more time with her son. 

“At least you have his music and YouTube”, they say. All I want are more of our private moments," she wrote. 

Although it has been months since AKA died, the mother says the pain and desire to be with her son isn't getting better.

"It’s been four months since I heard you call me mom and I just can’t get used to never hearing you say it again," she said. 

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Earlier this week, National Police Commissioner Fanie Masemola said police know the suspects they are looking for. 

"We know who we are looking for, it is a matter of just rounding all of them.  

"We know exactly who we are looking for, that I can assure you, we know where we are going," he said at a media briefing. 

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Lynn said she forgives her son's killers. 

"I don't have issues with that person, I don' t feel any hate for them, I don't feel any negative feelings towards them. I  think they just another person who's been used by someone else and I actually really don't have any anger towards them, I don't, I've forgiven them," Lynn said on East Coast Radio's The Carol Ofori Podcast. 

A month after her son's death, she also shared some of the worst things people have said to her in an attempt to comfort her. These includes people saying, 'at least he didn’t suffer', 'it was God’s plan', 'God never gives you more than you can handle', and 'be strong'. 

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AKA and his friend Tebello Motsoane were gunned down on Durban's Florid Road after having dinner at a restaurant in February. 

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