Is Amber Heard dating a South African?

Is Amber Heard dating a South African?

Supermodel Amber Heard, who split from Johnny Depp last year, is apparently dating Elon Musk.

Amber Heard

The South African-born inventor and Heard went out to dinner recently, and by the looks of the photo that was shared on social media, the two were very lovey-dovey!


Heard was involved in a high-profile divorce from Johnny Depp last year, after making allegations of abuse against the Hollywood legend. 

Gone viral: video claiming evidence of Johnny Depp's abusive relationship with ex-wife Amber Heard

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The accusations of assault against Depp, which Heard claimed took place after a drunken argument, was accompanied by photographs of her bruised face, as well as pictures of smashed bottles in their Los Angeles apartment.


The divorce was finalised earlier this year and now Amber has seemingly jumped right back into the dating-pool.


Could this be true love for Amber Heard, or is she merely enjoying the (Space X) ride?

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