Bobby van Jaarsveld joins the Butterfly Revolution

Bobby van Jaarsveld joins the Butterfly Revolution

Singer, songwriter, actor, model and The Voice SA Coach, Bobby van Jaarsveld has joined the Butterfly Revolution, aimed at fighting abuse against women and children. 

Bobby van Jaarsveld

SA's heartthrob recently released his 10-year album and said it felt like yesterday when he launched his career.

According to a link on YouTube , the #ButterflyRevolution is inspired by the controversial 1999 Charlize Theron “Real men don’t rape” campaign. 

The movment wants to take the message home and plans to fight the ongoing abuse of, especially, women in South Africa.

"We are saying out loud what WE are planning on DOING about the dire situation of violence against women and children," the organisation said online.

They said that they are planning a revolution adding that the butterfly is the symbol for femininity and change.

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