Brad Pitt is looking to change his name

Brad Pitt is looking to change his name

Pitt revealed in his latest profile that after all his divorce from he is looking to go by a different name.

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In a recent profile where Brad Pitt opens up to GQ, he spills the beans on a number of issues that he has experienced in the last little while.

Not only did he open up about his divorce but he has also decided to quit drinking. This, however, wasn't the most interesting revelation.

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Pitt, who swears he's not going through a midlife crisis, doesn't want to be named Brad anymore. 

"Like P. Diddy. I can be Puffy now or—what is Snoop? Lion? I just felt like Brad was a misnomer," explains Pitt.

The real question though is what will Mr Pitt change his name too? Share your suggestions with Kriya.

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