Cardi B wants another child

Cardi B wants a third baby

The American rapper and songwriter, who is married to Offset, shared her plans of having more children. 

Cardi B
Instagram/ Cardi B

Cardi B enjoys being a mother. 

The rapper has expressed her desire to have more children. 

In a tweet shared on Sunday, the star revealed that she can't wait to have a third child. 

Sharing photos of her one-year-old son, Wave Set, the thirty-year-old said she can't wait to finish her "business" so she can have another child. 

"My son so fire….I can’t wait to get business finish and have my third," she tweeted. 

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Apart from her son, Cardi B, who is married to rapper Offset, has a four-year-old daughter called Kulture. 

She is also a stepmother to Offest's other children from previous relationships - Kalea, Kody, and Jordan. 

Cardi has often spoken about how she loves being a mother. 

In an interview with Vogue, she explained that she didn't feel comfortable getting a nanny for her children. 

“I was afraid of anybody being around her besides my family. I’ve never had a nanny for Kulture," she said. 

She also revealed how she wants her children to grow up and have better opportunities. 

"I just want my daughter to be good. I want her to have a little bit of something forever. I can’t swim, so I want my daughter to be able to swim. I want her to do amazing things when she grows up. She can jet-ski or go on a boat. I want her to be smarter than me—just be the better version of me,” she wrote on Instagram

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See the tweet about Cardi wanting more kids below:

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Image courtesy of Instagram. 

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