Cassper Nyovest reveals that he made 'unheard' music with AKA

Cassper Nyovest reveals that he made 'unheard' music with AKA

Cassper Nyovest has collaborated with AKA, but will the music ever be released? 

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A few months after AKA's passing, Cassper Nyovest has revealed that the two of them worked on several collaborations that they never got to release. 

During an interview on The Episode podcast, Nyovest opened up about how AKA's death affected him, despite the two of them having a rocky relationship. 

He says he didn't immediately comment after AKA's passing because of how sensitive the issue was and he didn't want people saying he acted like he cared while the two of them had beef. 

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However, the 'Mama I Made It' hitmaker says he regrets not mending things with AKA before his passing. 

According to him, he thought a boxing match between the two of them would help settle matters. 

"I met his father and we joked about it and he said 'okay do you think if you guys fought, do you think you would have won?' and I was like 'yea, I would have kicked his a**'.

"That's how I thought it was gonna go. I thought we were gonna get into the boxing ring and handle it there."

 “Of course now because [he's gone], of course I've got regrets, but we were just in the moment and I think we were all at the moment," he said during the podcast. 

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For many years, AKA and Cassper Nyovest's fans have been asking the two rappers to collaborate. 

Being the biggest rappers in South Africa, many anticipated that their collaboration would be a major hit. 

In 2022, it was even reported that Cassper turned down R1-million to collaborate with AKA. 

According to ZAlebs, Cassper said a collaboration "is never gonna happen." He added: "When it comes to AKA I know him, he was my friend. Me and him could never be buddies and if I cant gel with you from that level then I can’t make music with you, I see myself getting in the ring and knocking him out."

But, a few months after AKA's death, Cassper has now revealed that the two of them did work on music together. 

“I thought we were going to get into the boxing ring and handle it there. I thought after that we would be okay and make music. 

"Well, we do have music together that people have never heard. We made a few records together,” he revealed. 

New Music 

Cassper also spoke about his upcoming album.

He revealed that it will be released by December. 

The rapper described the upcoming album as his "best". 

"In my opinion, for me, that's my best album because I'm calm, I'm not trying to prove anything and I was just trying to make a good album," he said. 

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