Charlize Theron is quite the feminist

Charlize Theron is quite the feminist

Charlize Theron has a message to audiences: "More female-driven movies will make more money."

Charlize Theron roasted on twitter

The South African-born Oscar winner attended a press conference at the annual Comic-Con event in San Diego over the past weekend and urged movie-makers to cast more female leads.

Charlize plays a hard-core action spy in her latest movie, Atomic Blonde, and says women can be heroes.

"I always say to studios: 'make more female-driven movies and they say that they would if people go and see them. So go see those movies'!" 

Atomic Blonde hits theatres on 28 July and Theron says that she went and searched for a specific role, which she found in the form of an unpublished graphic novel.

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