Common and Jennifer Hudson talk about their love life

Common and Jennifer Hudson talk about their love life

 The two got to talk about their love life on Jennifer Hudson's talk show. 

Common and Jennifer Hudson
Common and Jennifer Hudson/ Instagram

Rumour has it that Jennifer Hudson and Common are in a relationship. 

The pair have gone out many times and were recently spotted at a basketball game together. 

Although the two had not confirmed the rumour previously, they seemingly confirmed the relationship in a recent interview on Jennifer Hudson's show. 

The actor-rapper came onto the show with a bouquet of flowers for Hudson. 

The talk show host jokingly asked Common if he was in a relationship. 

“Yes. I am in a relationship with one of the most beautiful people that I ever met in life,” he said with a laugh. 

Common, whose real name is Lonnie Rashid Lynn, described his partner in the sweetest way. 

“She’s smart, she loves God, she has something real down to earth about her," he said. 

“She’s talented but I set my standard kind of high because she had to have an EGOT, she had to win an Oscar on her first movie, she had to get her own talk show,” he continued.

Jennifer made her film debut as Effie White in the musical 'Dreamgirls', which was released in 2006 and went on to win an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress. She received EGOT status last year and started her own talk show in 2022. 

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The talk show host also spoke about her love life. 

“I’m dating as well and I am very happy,” she said.

The singer, actor, and talk show host asked Common how he feels about the relationship. 

 “Are you happy in your relationship?”, to which Common replied that his relationship is “a happy place” for him at this point in life.

“For me, it’s one of them things where I found seeing her happy actually makes me really happy. I’m just thankful and I thank God every day. We keep it private, but I wanna acknowledge how wonderful she is, how great she is," he said. 

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