DJ Zinhle talks about how society judged her for having two baby daddies

DJ Zinhle on how society judged her for having two baby daddies

"I’m not the only person who has two baby daddies."

DJ Zinhle wearing shades
DJ Zinhle wearing shades /Instagram

DJ Zinhle has spoken up about the criticism she faced for having kids with two separate fathers.

The backlash started after the birth of her second born, Asante Mohosana.

Rapper AKA is the father of Zinhle's first born daughter, Kairo Forbes, while musician Murdah Bongz is the father of Asante.

In the latest episode of 'DJ Zinhle: The Unexpected', which aired on BET Africa on 10 September, the 'Umlilo' hitmaker said people tried to make her feel ashamed of her decisions, expressing that she is not the only one who has children with two separate fathers. 

“I’m not the only person who has two baby daddies in the world. Like there’s other girls. People are trying to make them feel ashamed of not being married or having like kids with different fathers like we have to have this conversation,” she said.

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The DJ also revealed the wonderful news that she and Murdah Bongz are organising a wedding.

“The wedding is going to be stunning because I was never ever meant to get married," she said on the show. 

However, she revealed that the wedding is something that they are not in a rush for. 

“So I'm excited but we have a big project ahead. We have to build this home for our children and then, only then, we can think about the wedding," she said. 

News that the two musicians got married were revealed in August. 

"Bongani and his family came to my mom’s house to negotiate lobola. And we decided that it should be a small thing with just family," she said during  ‘DJ Zinhle: The Unexpected’ show. 

She also shared how excited she was to be a wife. 

“I’m excited to be his wife, I’m excited to try something I never would have thought would happen for me. So now I’m married and I love telling people that,” she said. 

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