Dua Lipa celebrates getting Albanian citizenship

Dua Lipa celebrates getting Albanian citizenship

"Thank you President Bajram Begaj and Mayor @erionveliaj for this honour ~ got my Albanian citizenship!"

Dua Lipa
Dua Lipa/ Instagram

Dua Lipa is celebrating being granted Albanian citizenship. 

The 27-year-old was born in London, England, to Albanian parents, Anesa and Dukagjin Lipa. The singer's parents are from Kosovo. 

 However, in 2008, Dua moved back to Kosovo before moving back to London at the age of 15.

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On Sunday, President Bajram Begaj granted her citizenship, praising her for making Albania proud. 

The president described Dua as a simple girl who is also a great artist. 

"It is a special pleasure to welcome the great artist Dua Lipa today. I say great artist, but she is also a simple girl, who has given the greatest pride to us, Albania, Kosovo and wherever there are Albanians in the world," said president Begaj.  

The president also commended her for being an inspiration to young people in the country. 

"Albanian youth is an example and a source of inspiration for you and you have shown that dreams can be achieved by working harder. Tomorrow we celebrate the 110th anniversary of the declaration of independence and today the joint meeting of the Assembly of Albania and the Assembly of Kosovo took place," he said.

The president thanked Dua for using her music to unite people. 

"Although art is not related to politics, it brings all people together and with your art, you have brought us together in this jubilee year! On this occasion, I am pleased to grant you Albanian citizenship."

Dua, whose name means “love” in Albanian, shared her joy on social media after receiving her citizenship.

"Thank you President Bajram Begaj and Mayor @erionveliaj  for this honour ~ got my Albanian citizenship!" she wrote on IG. 

See photos and a video from the historical moment below. 

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