"He can have it" - Little boy 'steals' Princess Kate's bag

"He can have it" - Little boy 'steals' Princess Kate's bag

Looks like he has an eye for good fashion. Watch the adorable moment below!

Kate Middleton
Instagram/ Kate Middleton Royal

The Prince and Princess of Wales paid tribute to those who lost their lives during the coal-tip landslide in October 1966.

While meeting and greeting people in the crowd, a one-year-old started playing with the Princess's Mulberry handbag. 

He was playing with the buckle on her handbag when he suddenly grabbed it off her - and refused to give it back to the Princess. 

When the little boy grabbed it, Princess Kate said: "It's okay. He can have it."

He had the opportunity to play with it - but his mother gave it back to the Princess after a while. 

The mother revealed that his nickname is 'The Hurricane' because he can be very restless. 

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