Jacaranda FM supports DJ Jazzy D's initiative to raise R150 000 for Eersterust community

Jacaranda FM supports DJ Jazzy D's initiative to raise R150 000 for Eersterust community

Impoverished communities have been plunged into a crisis with the current national lockdown - stories of hope, support and goodwill renew our faith in humanity. 

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Since the outbreak of the novel coronavirus, communities around the world have been urged to self-isolate in order to help flatten the curve and reduce transmission, resulting in layoffs, school shutdowns and loss of income.

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With the situation and economy looking dire with each passing day, everyday South Africans are offering what help they can - including Jacaranda FM's DJ Jazzy D

DJ Jazzy D, who himself faced many challenges growing up in an impoverished community, decided to dig deep and use his social media platforms and influence to help those who are hit hardest by the national lockdown. On Sunday, 12 April, the much-loved Jacaranda FM host and club DJ set out to raise funds for families in need by hosting a virtual club where his followers could donate to help people in Eersterust and Laudium with much-needed groceries.

Joining forces with Breakfast with Martin Bester

DJ Jazzy D joined Breakfast with Martin Bester on Wednesday morning to speak more about this initiative. Jazzy D mentioned that he received a lot of messages from families in Eersterust, where he grew up. After doing a little research he discovered that there is lack of support for families that need groceries.

Within 10 minutes of the virtual club, he raised R50 000 on his live Facebook stream. "The day kicked off at 14:00  and I was basically live streaming for six hours and towards the end of the show we managed to raise over R100 000."

"The hard work obviously comes afterwards, because we had to send out messages to the two communities to find a way to get a database of the families that need help. But the reality is that, with the money I collected, I could only serve a certain amount. 

"In Eersterust we received over 3500 messages from families that need groceries," he explained.

He further explains that his efforts were a victory, especially seeing as his aim was R20 000,  but it is still sad that he won't be able to help everyone in the community.

Martin Bester was extremely moved by DJ Jazzy D's selfless gesture that he gave R10 000,00 from the GMA Coronavirus Support in partnership with Lottostar, in support of his efforts to raise funds for much-needed food help in the Eersterust community.

But wait there is more...

The GMA Fund added a further R40 000,00 in #AngelRands. This is a total of R50 000,00 in AngelRands, bringing to the total amount to R150 000.

"I wanna do everything in my power to help the people of Eersterust. They have no one else there.” DJ Jazzy D told in tears to Martin. "We who have the opportunity to make use of our social media platforms should try and assist communities and make an impact during this tough time." 

If you know of any family in need, nominate them for assistance from The GMA Coronavirus Support, in partnership with Lottostar:


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