Jennifer Hudson talks about ‘Christmas Angels’ performance: "It felt like Christmas!”

Jennifer Hudson talks about ‘Christmas Angels’ performance: "It felt like Christmas!”

Jennifer Hudson has spoken up about her recent reunion with Mariah Carey and Ariana Grande for a surprise ‘Oh Santa!’ performance. 

Jennifer Hudson Instagram screenshot
Jennifer Hudson/ Instagram screenshot

Mariah Carey, Ariana Grande, and Jennifer Hudson got together for a special performance of their Christmas song, 'Oh Santa!', at Madison Square Garden in New York on December 9th. 

Jennifer Hudson spoke about her experience on 'The Jennifer Hudson Show' on Tuesday, 12 December.

She started by explaining how it was Mariah Carey's idea to reunite them for the surprise performance. 

“Miss Mariah Carey, she’s always coming up with big great ideas. And she came up with the idea that her Christmas angels, which is Ariana Grande and myself, be a surprise for her Madison Square Garden performance."

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The trio first collaborated on the song in 2020 after Mariah originally recorded it for her 'Merry Christmas II You' album in 2010.

Hudson says the performance took everyone by surprise. 

“Nobody knew we were coming,” Hudson said.

She went on to share how the reunion felt like Christmas. 

“It was so fun, it was like a reunion for all of us… It felt like being with family. It felt like Christmas!”

Jenifer says the experience continues to be a talking point. 

“The crowd, when I say they went crazy — I’m still getting tags on Instagram from that performance.”

It was the first time the trio got to perform the song live. 

Watch the remarkable performance below: 

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