Jennifer Lopez cut dancers because they were Virgos

Jennifer Lopez reportedly cut dancers because they were Virgos

Billboard magazine has come out with a pretty interesting report...

Jennifer Lopez
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The award-winning singer and performer Jennifer Lopez is reportedly not a huge fan of working with Virgos - people born between August 23 and September 22. 

In a recent Billboard magazine report, 'Glee' actress and dancer Heather Morris alleges that she was barred from auditioning for Lopez's tour because of her zodiac sign.

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Morris told the Just Sayin’ With Justin Martindale podcast that Lopez got into a room and said: “Thank you so much, you guys have worked so hard. By a show of hands, if there are any Virgos in the room, can you just raise your hand?

“She looked at them and she said, ‘Thank you so much for coming.’ And they had to leave after a full day of auditioning for Jennifer Lopez,” she said in the interview.

Although Morris was not a part of those auditioning, she says she heard the news from several people who were there. 

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“This is hearsay but true. When one person says something, could be true [but] when multiple people say something … it’s like, ‘Oh, that happened.’”

According to Billboard, she also said that she “likes things planned and neat”, whereas JLO is “a little bit of chaos in her life.”

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