Jerry Mofokeng: "Joe Mafela was truly loved"

Jerry Mofokeng: "Joe Mafela was truly loved"

The South African entertainment fraternity is reeling following the news that legendary actor, Joe Mafela, died in a car accident in Johannesburg on Sunday morning. 

Joe Mafela

Veteran actor Jerry Mofokeng says Mafela was still active in the industry, even at his advanced age . 


"What stood out the most about his talent was the fact that he spoke a number of languages fluently. His passing is a huge loss to the industry and the country," Mofokeng says.


Mofokeng says the world is a stage and all of us are players. 

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"We make entrances and exits. You don't know when you're going to make that exit. That scene is not scripted. Here is a tragedy of that picture and only God, the Writer, knows when that is gonna happen," Mofokeng says.


Mofokeng says he last saw Mafela at the SAFTA nominations ceremony two weeks ago, but they didn't get a chance to interact.


"We're not saying empty words because he is gone, we loved him. He is loved by this country. I think he has done his full quota in delivering what God brought him into this world to do," Mofokeng says. 

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