Johnny Depp tried to suffocate Amber Heard?

Johnny Depp tried to suffocate Amber Heard?

A friend of Amber Heard's has claimed that Johnny Depp attempted to suffocate the actress with a pillow. 

Johnny Depp, Amber Heard

The 'Magic Mike XXL' star had texted the friend during the alleged attack in December and when the pal rushed to her aid, they claim they found Amber covered in bruises.

The source told the New York Post's Page Six column: "I got to her apartment to find her with a cut and bruised lip, a swollen eye and a chunk of hair missing from the top of her head. This incident really stuck with me because she confided in me that day that she feared for her life after an intoxicated Johnny tried to suffocate her with a pillow.

"I have personally witnessed the aftermath of Johnny Depp's violent and abusive behaviour towards her on many occasions."

Meanwhile, the Los Angeles Police Department have confirmed they are now investigating the domestic violence allegations made by Amber against Johnny.

It comes only hours after the 30-year-old actress' legal team claimed she didn't tell cops about the abuse because she wanted to "protect her privacy and Johnny's career" but has now been left no choice to involve the cops to "set the record straight".

They said in a statement: "As the result of Amber's decision to decline giving an initial statement to the LAPD, her silence has been used against her by Johnny's team. Amber did not provide a statement to the LAPD in an attempt to protect her privacy and Johnny's career.

"Johnny's team has forced Amber to give a statement to the LAPD to set the record straight as to the true facts, as she cannot continue to leave herself open to the vicious false and malicious allegations that have infected the media. Amber has suffered through years of physical and psychological abuse at the hands of Johnny."

Johnny has denied all allegations made against him.

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