Katie Price went to hospital after being scratched by her dog.

Katie Price went to hospital after being scratched by her dog.

The 37-year-old former glamour model suffered a graze on her nose from her puppy and decided to seek medical advice after failing to stop the bleeding on her face.

Katie Price

The posted a picture of the scratch on Instagram and wrote: "Just about to do my make up for tonight and scratch on nose is from our puppy Tinks hope I can cover it (sic)"

Hours later, she shared a close up photo of her hooter and added: "Off to A & e nose keeps bleeding (sic)"

However, she failed to garner sympathy from her fans, with many criticising her for making the hospital trip.

One user commented: "I do like katie but thats scandalous going to a&e with a scratch on your nose.(sic)"

Another wrote: "Don't you think it's a little silly going to a&e for a scratch ..(sic)"

And another slammed: "What a total joke you really are something takeing the micky out of our nhs which are streched to the limit hope they keep you waiting hours and don't get the red carpet treatment what a total joke. (sic)"

However, some fans insisted the mother-of-five was joking.

One commented: "if you really think she has gone to A&E over a scratch then enough said enjoy your Sunday afternoon scrolling through everyone's comments. (sic)"

And another said: "Just shows some people are just bullies in or out of school and pick some anything that takes their attention. The point is Katie is being sarcastic and everyone takes her at her word for everything and makes a massive deal out of it just like. (sic)"

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