Kim Kardashian reacts to Pete Davidson getting a tattoo of her

Kim Kardashian reacts to Pete Davidson getting a tattoo of her

Ellen DeGeneres caught up with Kim Kardashian to discuss her relationship with Pete Davidson and his tattoos of her. 

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There is no denying that Kim Kardashian and her boyfriend Pete Davidson are crazy in love. 

The star recently sat down with Ellen DeGeneres and spoke about how happy she is in her new relationship with the comedian. 

"I encourage my friends and the people that I love just to be happy and I went for it. I went for it . I was like, 'you know what, I'm in my 40's, f**k it. Sorry. Just go for it. Find your happiness'," she told Ellen. 

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"I went for it and I took my time and I found it and it feels so good and I want to hold on to that forever," she added. 

The socialite, who was recently declared 'legally single' from her ex Kanye West, also spoke about the tattoo Pete got. 

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“He has a few tattoos, a few cute ones that he got," she told Ellen. 

She added that Pete also got her name branded on his chest. 

She says the comedian said he chose to brand her name on his chest instead of getting it tattooed "because he wanted to do something that was really different." 

She said Pete got her name branded because he expressed that he doesn't ever want to get rid of it or cover it up.

She added that Pete said: "I just want it there as a scar on me." 

The Kardashian says Pete has two other tattoos of her and one of them is written, 'my girl is a lawyer'. 

"That one is really cute," she told Ellen. 

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Watch the full interview below:

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