Kylie Jenner gets tattoo on her butt

Kylie Jenner gets tattoo on her butt

Kylie Jenner has got a small tattoo on her butt but has refused to divulge what the inking stands for.

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The 'Keeping Up with the Kardashians' star filmed tattoo artist to the stars Bang Bang - who lists Rihanna and Justin Bieber among his clients - etching a few words onto her delectable derrière but refused to divulge what the body art stands for.

The 18-year-old brunette beauty - who is dating rapper Tyga - documented the inking session on her Snapchat account and couldn't help but give her fans a sneak peek at the design.

Lowering the camera towards her lower back, Kylie captured Bang Bang using the needle on her flesh, before she whipped the device back up and placed her finger in front of her mouth.

But Kylie didn't feel completely satisfied sitting in the tattoo chair and later snatched the ink from Bang Bang - whose real name is Keith McCurdy - and began to scribbling on him. 

The stunner - who uses the nickname 'King Kylie' - pulled on her latex gloves and got to work on her design. 

After several minutes, Kylie began to carve out the letter K under a crown - seemingly in reference to her - on his ankle.

This isn't Kylie's first tattoo as she also had a heart permanently inked onto her skin in the summer.

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