Lily Allen talks about how having children "totally ruined" her music career

Lily Allen talks about how having children "totally ruined" her music career

"My children ruined my career," says the 'Smile' hitmaker who chose to raise her children rather than focus on building a bigger name for herself. 

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Fame requires a lot of sacrifices. 

Most stars spend a lot of their time out in public performing and producing quality work, which requires a lot of time and resources. 

However, when you become a parent, finding the balance can be tricky. One area of your life might suffer, and you would be required to make hard decisions about what to prioritise. 

Lily Allen has opened up about the sacrifices she has had to make to ensure she is the best mother to her children. 

Speaking to Radio Times podcast, the singer says she stopped pursuing building her brand because she wanted to devote her time to raising her children. 

"Yes, my children ruined my career," she said during the podcast. 

However, the mother of two said her children complete her. 

"I love them and they complete me, but in terms of popstardom, they totally ruined it," she said. 

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The superstar went on to talk about how life requires that one make sacrifices. 

"I get really annoyed when people say you can have it all because, quite frankly, you can't," she said.

The 'LDN' singer opened up about how her parents, actor Keith Allen and film producer Alison Owen, were not available for her when growing up and, as a result, she didn't want her children to have an absent parent. So, she chose to sacrifice her career. 

"Some people choose their career over their children and that's their prerogative, but my parents were quite absent when I was a kid. I feel like it left some nasty scars that I'm not willing to repeat on mine," she said. 

"I chose to step back and concentrate on them. I'm glad that I've done that because I think they're pretty well-rounded," she added. 

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